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Elite Black Night Viper
Naval Armament


At Black Night Viper Armament Technologies we believe that in this daily more unsecure world only the best means of deterrent are viable.

We have the possibility and can offer a great vary of different defensive, protection and attack weapons systems from their use in our “King Shark & King Killer Whale Maritime-Naval Vessels”.

Image: King Shark I &II.

The “King Shark III & King Killer Whale Vessels” allows the combination and of the incorporation of our “Amphibious Eagle Eye Military Version Aircraft” in being able to adapt and combined in becoming an exceptional “Maritime, Naval, River Aircraft Carrier” from carrying one amphibious aircraft unit to eight amphibious aircraft units. These naval vessels and the aerial aviation units may all carry or use any of our “Gatling Model Black Night Viper Armament Systems”.

Image: King Killer Whale Vessel with 6-8 amphibious Eagle Eye Aircraft

The use of the “King sharks-King Whales Vessels” and their all round usage and armament capabilities in nations where their use is or can be authorized especially for the protection of VIPs, top Government officials, Security & Military Command Personnel, Law Enforcement, Convoy Surveillance and protection, National Security & Border Control programs, are a must, as they offer the operational options of being a sea-river-naval vessel and also having an aerial capacity for surveillance operations but also for attack and defense options in any inland, river, naval, terrestrial area or region at a fraction of the cost of any top global military manufacturer.

Image: King Shark III-Aircraft Carrier (One amphibious Eagle Eye Aircraft unit).

TK-Maritime-Naval applications, the installation utilizes the MK16 Naval Post Mount. The post mount is simple, sturdy, and requires only 2’ by 2’ of deck or truck bed space, which means it can be installed just about anywhere.

The mount of the Naval Post Mount is a standard 2.25-inch diameter making this mount entirely compatible with the Black Night Viper Vertical Arm.

The TK-Maritime-Naval Post Mount is currently in service in the Force Protection role on board Government Naval vessels and vessels of allied nations.

In the small boat arena, patrol vessels, our Black Night Viper Gatling Machine Guns and mounts can be installed and are used by special operations forces aboard fast attack craft and RHIBS in the fire support role

NATO defines air defense as "all measures designed to nullify or reduce the effectiveness of hostile air action."They include ground and air based weapon systems, associated sensor systems, command and control arrangements and passive measures.

It may be used to protect naval, ground and air forces wherever they are.

However, for most countries the main effort has tended to be 'Asset-Naval defense'.

NATO refers to airborne air defense as counter-air and naval air defense as anti-aircraft warfare. Missile defense is an extension of air defense as are initiatives to adapt air defense to the task of intercepting potentially any projectile in flight.

TK-“Eagle Eye”/King Shark III-King Killer Whale Aircraft Carrier Amphibious Aircraft.

Technokontrol Certificates & Associations

Technokontrol Manufactures, Designs & Researches our safety products in the European Union at the highest possible International Accident,Health & Safety standards.

TechnoKontrol is a member of the NFPA

TechnoKontrol Products are ATEX Compliant
(European Antiexplosive Safety Directives)

Technokontrol's Products & Services are insured by


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TechnoKontrol is a member of the NFPA

NFPA 69: Standard on Explosion Prevention Systems, 2016 Edition

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ATEX - European Antiexplosive Safety Directives

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Technokontrol's Products & Services are insured by

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