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Elite Black Night Viper
EBNVSS-Security Services


About Us

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Technokontrol the sister corporation of “Elite Black Night Viper EBNVSS-Security Services ©” is a leading private security and risk management company with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Libya, etc, and an additional presence across the Middle East, Northern Africa and South-Central America.

Our security and advisory divisions provide a comprehensive service covering all areas of the globe, combining the proven track record and expertise that enable our clients - multi-nationals, governments, international agencies and many others - to minimise risk and maximise opportunity.

With a network of offices, staff and contacts world-wide we can provide detailed advice and support carefully tailored to the specific requirements of our clients as they explore the possibilities of extending their operations; as well as vital, dependable security and commercial insight once they are on the ground.

We provide the support our clients need to inform their most important business decisions and we work to ensure that they have the very best protection for their staff and their investments.

We believe that our company is unique because it provides an integrated service comprising first-hand experience of operating in some of the most demanding environments with expert analysis of the forces and currents that shape our world.

We unite former military personnel and first-class academics, intelligence officers, diplomats, businessmen, journalists, financiers, and politicians, as well as staff from a wide variety of other fields.

That is why we are able to combine a vast range of talents and abilities to provide our clients with the support they need as they venture into new and challenging markets, optimizing their performance and letting them get on with the business they know best.

Our Approach & Ethos

Elite Black Night Viper Security Services involves clients from the very beginning of our business relationships to ensure that their needs are met in a manner that is relevant, meticulous and cost effective. From start to finish, “key in hand”, from planning to deployment, we treat organizations and individuals with discretion, loyalty and confidentiality, acting at all times within the framework of national and international laws.

Our goal is to deliver an outstanding service, only the best service will allow us to continue our global expansion plan allowing those we are supporting and protecting to concentrate on their primary objectives. And our ethos as a company is built upon/on:

  • Professionalism, excellence and integrity at all levels, all countries and with full respect to the hosting nation/s due to religious, political, security reasons, etc.
  • Client confidentiality and absolute discretion, the only way to grow as 80% of our return business is due to personal recommendations.
  • Respect for human rights and the law, always thus have done a full due diligence in knowing what “NOT” to do in a certain nation, region, sector as being more paramount knowing this than knowing what to do, as a simple mistake in protocol, language, intentions, laws, can be at taken badly by the other party thus destroying our clients credibility and the whole reason of the project or service.
  • Corporate transparency and full engagement with governments and international institutions.
  • Support for the regulation of our industry and designing new technologies, services to adapt to any clients needs or services especially at government level, designing, manufacturing safety & security products and services via Technokontrol Technologies.
  • A duty of care to all our employees, only the best can be employed and being a “family and not mere employees”, as no one ever stays or is left behind regardless of any situation.

We have a demonstrable and recognized history of operating with the highest professional standards. We believe that in doing so we serve and protect our clients better, enabling them to focus on the work they need to do.

Code of Conduct

Technokontrol and Elite Black Night Viper Security Services are fully committed to setting and adhering to the very highest professional ethical standards of conduct. This is reflected in our Code of Conduct and Code of Business Conduct.

Regulation, Ethics & Sector Reform

We not only believe that the private security sector but it must benefit and being part of a constantly improving, properly regulated system of accountability and ethics.

As we face changing missions, new responsibilities and increasingly complex and dangerous environments, we recognize that the need for transparency and oversight is greater than ever.

Elite Black Night Viper Security Services is committed to setting and adhering to the highest ethical standards, as reflected in our Code of Conduct and Code of Business Conduct. All employees, advisors and sub-contractors sign up to an internal code of ethics that insists on integrity in all areas of commercial and personal behavior.

We are pioneers in the private security industry – and pioneers in the regulation of our industry - setting international standards of accountability, transparency and procedure Working with civil society and government agencies, we were actively involved in the development and drafting of the code, which sets robust and measurable standards for the sector.

Elite Black Night Viper Security Services will continue to support and develop the code as it enters its secondary phase: the creation and implementation of an appropriate accountability mechanism.

We welcome and support the Monteux Document, an international agreement on the legal obligations and best practice for states relating to the operations of private security companies operating during armed conflicts, created in association with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Swiss Initiative in September 2008 (for full details open the Montreux Document).

We also belong to the leading Spanish trade association; the ICEX, a Spanish Government Foreign Affairs trade body promoting business activities between the South America, Northern Africa, Africa, Middle East, etc.

Elite Black Night Viper Security Services Division©

Elite Black Night Viper Security Services division has extensive experience of handling many different projects including large and often complex projects in locations worldwide. All our security solutions are tailored to our clients’ individual needs and we have an exemplary record of performing at the highest standards for our government and commercial clients.

Elite Black Night Viper Security Services has developed a strong reputation for innovative and professional solutions based on proven capability in the harshest environments. Elite Black Night Viper Security Services practical solutions are categorized by the key pillars of its success to date.

Black Night Viper Military and Law Enforcement Services©:

These are:

  • Intimate understanding of the client’s mission requirements and close working relationships
  • Service delivery that is threat driven and intelligence led
  • The ability to manage large, complex multi-million dollar contracts, with meticulous invoicing and accounting
  • Speed and flexibility to react and deliver solutions quickly in hostile environments
  • Integration of local culture where and when appropriate
  • Accountability and transparency of process
  • Professional and experienced high quality management and staff
  • Clarity of purpose, professional expertise and service delivery
  • Integrity and an impressive track record
  • Total reliability, confidentiality and security
  • Innovative and imaginative solutions
  • Diverse skills base

Black Night Viper Protective Security Services©

Elite Black Night Viper Security Services provides comprehensive protective security services tailored to the threat, the operating environment and the specific requirements of its clients. Each protective security concept is undertaken in discussion with the client and is based on a comprehensive analysis of the factors for each mission or deliverable. Services offered include:

Mobile Security

Mobile security teams provide bespoke security solutions to facilitate ease of movement and successful business activities in a high threat environment. Our teams typically provide dedicated mobile security and liaison with relevant authorities and Ministry officials, airport immigration and local security forces.

Our experienced personnel can also provide linguistic support, relevant intelligence and threat analysis, ground study and route analysis for all movements; contingency planning and ‘first line’ medical support in the event of an incident.

Static Security

We also can provide high quality and effective static guarding for both Government and Commercial clients.

To date we have had no breaches of security at any site. Our approach to static guarding is based upon a comprehensive and ongoing analysis of the threats to the location to be guarded, which will inform the design and implementation of the appropriate security solution.

Convoy protection

Elite Black Night Viper Security Services can provide security for cargo being transported between locations and general movement management. We can provide all equipment and services to support the specific requirements of the client.

Canine Services

Elite Black Night Viper Security Services can provide trained Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD) together with experienced handlers. We enhance our clients’ operating abilities by preventing and deterring criminal and terrorist activity, safeguarding contract sites, and providing best-in-class canine services.

Project Management

For more complex security requirements or projects based at multiple locations, we can provide a project management capability that ensures that all aspects of the security solution are run effectively. This can be further enhanced by a communications system with vehicle tracking and GIS. An intelligence function can also be offered to provide continuous threat assessments and intelligence relating to the operating environment.

Support to Oil & Gas Sector

Elite Black Night Viper Security Services has specific knowledge and experience of providing protective security to the Oil sector in high threat environments.

We can provide a full range of protective security provision which can include vehicle escort and convoy services for the transport of valuable cargo; general security for camps and on the rig sites for all personnel, protection for site inspections and work at remote sites throughout the fields.

Green Light Secure Services-Black Night Viper©

Green Light Secure Services enables companies to do business in challenging and emerging markets. Our knowledge and experience makes us well-placed to provide the support and advice necessary to enable informed business decisions and to provide risk mitigation strategies to support commercial success.

Elite Black Night Viper Security Services© can offer reporting and guidance on:

  • Political, operational, security and reputational considerations.
  • Identification and provision of appropriate physical locations for office and residential premises.
  • Identification of, and due diligence on, local professional service providers.
  • Threat assessments and the design of an appropriate security strategy.
  • Advice on the nature and extent of corruption and establishing mitigation strategies.

Full assistance and also facilitating political, commercial, security and regulatory liaison, including introductions to officials and local businessmen.

“Green Light Secure Services Teams ©” provide physical security (mobile and static) as well as secure accommodation within our villas in each nation.

Corporate Risk and Technical Services

Elite Black Night Viper Security Services can offer an integrated corporate security risk management package (consisting of both physical and technical measures) to identify, manage and mitigate current and future risks to business activities and continuity. These services include the following:

Provision of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Feed and Analysis

Elite Black Night Viper Security Services can provide our clients with a continuous OSINT collection, analysis and dissemination capability to provide relevant, timely and accurate information on threat types and methodologies used, and current activities connected with or from potential threat sources, under a client-approved collection plan.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) Surveys

We can supply TSCM surveys in order to detect technical and physical threats at client premises through physical searches and technical sweeps. Risk to the client is mitigated by way of implementing a technical sweep of the operating environment for hostile eavesdropping devices, inclusive of audio/ video devices. The physical component is designed to locate placed devices along with existing information security breaches and / or contributory factors that will lead to information security breaches.

Counter Hostile Reconnaissance

We can offer Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance capabilities in order to identify Threat Vital Ground locations around client sites from where Hostile Reconnaissance could be conducted, and provide Quality Assurance of current security measures. Upon TVG identification, Elite Black Night Viper Security Services presents solutions to the client in order to monitor and minimize the risk from hostile activity in these areas.

Key Personnel/ Asset Tracking;

We can assist in tracking key personnel or assets in transit through our Operations Centre in order to ensure safe and timely arrival of personnel and assets at their destination(s), and coordination and incident response capabilities during transit.

Elite Black Night Viper Security Services Response - BNVSS-Response Services

Elite Black Night Viper Security Services are pleased to offer BNVSS-Response, a Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion Response Service.

Our team’s extensive experience enables our clients to make informed decisions to ensure the safe and timely release of the victim, and the successful outcome of the incident.

Our team with in depth knowledge especially to the criminal activities in Southern Spain, Northern Africa, South American, Ex-Soviet Republic foreign criminals based in Spain including global drug traffickers, mafia, criminal gangs, common criminals, bring to “BNVSS-Response” a vast amount of experience, knowledge and credibility, as well as a proven track record of successfully assisting-resolving hundreds of kidnap for ransom, piracy, unlawful detainment and threat extortion cases across the globe.

The BNVSS Response Team will not be exclusively tied to any single underwriter. Instead, BNVSS has secured agreements with several leading underwriters to act as responders on their policies. This allows BNVSS clients the freedom and flexibility to place their insurance business where they choose and still maintain their relationship with BNVSS as their preferred security partner.

Maritime Security-BNVMSS-Division

Black Night Viper Security Maritime division has extensive experience of providing integrated security solutions, operational support and strategic advisory services to the global maritime sector.

Our maritime security services include the design of unique security, naval, law enforcement vessels:

Maritime Security Consultants

They fulfill roles ranging from individual consultancy tasks through to VSDs and have the following qualifications:

  • ISPS Combined Security Officer (Ship, Port & Company Security Officer-SSO, PFSO & CSO)
  • STCW 95.
  • ENG1 seafarers medical certificate.
  • First Aid at Work (FAW) individually – with at least one First Person on Scene (FPOS-I) per 4-man team or VSD.
  • RYA VHF short range radio (SRC) certificate.

RYA Radar qualification.

Security audits:

Technokontrol Global Engineering carries out audits of vessels, ports or port facilities in order to identify physical and technical security requirements and then make recommendations.

Technical security consultancy:

Technokontrol Global Engineering carries out technical surveys of vessels, ports, port facilities and offshore energy platforms. We then provide recommendations and can install technical equipment to complement security plans.

Equipment Procurement Support

Technokontrol Military Maritime leverages significant relationships with specialist equipment suppliers to enable clients to fulfill equipment needs, in support of Maritime Security endeavors.

International Accreditation

BNVVSS-Maritime Security operates within clear Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), in turn derived from stringent International Laws, Codes of Conduct and Industry-recognized regulations. Aegis Maritime Security SOPs comply with:

  • IMO Best Management Practice (BMP) - version 4.
  • The International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC).
  • Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) Notice to Mariners (NTM) 298-2.
  • US Coast Guard (USCG) Maritime Security (MARSEC) Directive 104-6 (PSA2-09 revision 3).
  • International Maritime Organization (IMO) MSC.1 Circ. 1390 - Industry Guidance for CSOs.
  • United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) 1982.
  • Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations.
  • International Flag and Port state regulations.

Aerial Security-BNVASS-Division

Black Night Viper Security Aerial Division has extensive experience of providing integrated security solutions, operational support and strategic advisory services to the global maritime sector.

Our BNVASS aerial security services include:

The design of unique security, aerial observation, law enforcement aircraft, humanitarian, medical, defensive, attack and training services:

Our aerial technologies and services include full training, maintenance, training programs for any client but especially to assist in emerging nations in having a low cost, highly effective, simple to maintain-repair aerial, aircraft technologies.

From our 18 types, “Eagles Eyes Aircraft” from surveillance, law enforcement, Search & Rescue to our 3 type, high sophisticated (+11g/-6g-750kmph Jet version) “ Alien Black Viper Aircraft” with a great, effective aerial aircraft advantage as being a “drone and/or human”, flown depending on the client’s needs.

We are corporate members of the Royal Aeronautical Society and our aircraft are fully EASA certified.

Terrestrial Security-BNVTSS-Division

Black Night Viper Security Terrestrial Division has extensive experience of providing integrated security solutions, operational support and strategic advisory services to the global maritime sector.

Our BNVASS terrestrial security services include:

The design of unique security, aerial observation, law enforcement technologies, services, equipment, humanitarian, medical, defensive, attack and training services:

Specialist Training Services

Black Night Viper Specialist Training Services believes that training must reflect the dynamics of the operating environment and is able to draw on significant institutional knowledge from its extensive global footprint.

This is combined with the operational experience of its team of instructors which allows us to provide highly adaptable training services in the following competencies:

Bespoke training for specialist military, police, intelligence and security applications

SAS/SBS Security Training Programs

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) and Travel Safety Awareness Training (TSAT)

Driving Courses (off road; defensive and advanced driving)

Canine Training Services

Military Canine use in action

Incident Handling Procedures, including Crisis Response Scenario rehearsal

Close Protection (basic, intermediate and advanced courses)

Military training Courses for Special Operations, Law Enforcement, Private Protection, etc.

Medical Training (basic, intermediate and advanced including trauma management)

Maritime (ISPS and STCW 95) Security and Safety Training

Special to task technical security training

Humanitarian Support Services

We assist our clients through stand-alone or fully-integrated humanitarian support services.

Elite Black Night Viper Security Services can provide subject-matter experts and related project management function to facilitate programmers in the following areas:

  • Medical, logistical, EOD and humanitarian support and disaster relief assistance.
  • Education in human rights/law of armed conflict and security sector reform.
  • Elección Monitoring.
  • Logistical Support.
  • Demobilization, disarmament, and rehabilitation

Black Night Viper Advisory Intelligence Services

Our services enable our clients to understand the cultural, political and regulatory challenges of operating in complex and opaque environments, helping them do business in even the most daunting emerging and frontier markets.

BNVSS Advisory Intelligence provides support and advice to inform our clients’ decision-making and give them the competitive edge. All of our work is tailored to specific requirements and is carried out with discretion and integrity.

At BNVSS Advisory Intelligence we go much further – and deeper. We unite a global network of exceptional sources and contacts with a team of highly experienced analysts based in Madrid to give you unique, in-depth information from real people with the insight our clients need.

We maximize our value to your business through our proven ability to understand and interpret what the gathered information means for you. Our diverse team, with backgrounds in the intelligence services, banking, journalism, management consulting and academia, always considers the intelligence from your perspective and in the context of your business.

How, what and why to work with Elite Black Night Viper Security Services for your most paramount personal, family, corporate needs.

Every commission we work on is unique. Whether entering new markets, seeking to understand how governments might react to decisions or learning who they can trust, our clients receive actionable information and advice in reports tailored to meet their particular requirements and protect their reputations.

Our due diligence, business facilitation and strategic risk experts provide clients with the insight they need on prospective partnerships, joint ventures, regulatory requirements, mergers and acquisitions, insurance or debt issuance. These findings inform our clients’ decisions and facilitate their commercial success even in the most opaque emerging and frontier markets.

Black Night Viper Strategic Risk Analysis

Our clients see opportunities in markets where others fear to tread; they know that these new frontiers present unique risks that need to be understood and monitored if they are to be managed effectively.

Black Night Viper Advisory’s Strategic Risk analysis is central to the efforts of many global companies as they seek to minimize downside risks and maximize returns on their investments.

At the core of this service is our Black Night Viper Strategic Risk Assessment (BNV-STRA) tool, which quantifies risk levels in comparable risk scores. A comprehensive and automated proprietary model, BNV-STRA covers over 150 territories and tracks over 60 political, security, criminal and governance risk factors.

This regularly updated bank of knowledge is customizable. We work with clients to select the risk factors of most relevance to their business, set appropriate weights for those factors in order to calculate the risk scores, and define the geographical scope.

The interactive BNV-STRA view is accessible by clients through our secure website, while changes to the risk scores can also be transmitted regularly to the client’s in-house risk tracking system via a dedicated electronic link.

Our clients have access to our unique insights in a variety of other formats including tailored reports. We write concise and informative bulletins on emerging risks relevant to our clients’ operations, produce forward-looking reports on the commercial implications of geopolitical trends, and attend meetings of senior decision-makers to advise those clients on the likely impacts of developments in their markets.

Black Night Viper Operational Risk Analysis

Operating in emerging and frontier markets presents significant day-to-day operational risks.

Our clients rely on Black Night Viper Operational Risk Analysis Advisory Services to help them guard against regulatory, reputational and political risks. For instance, a company operating in a country recovering from a period of war and lawlessness faces the challenge of complying with local money-laundering laws, home-country bribery legislation and the ever-present risk of reputational damage from poor decisions about partners, suppliers and customers.

We have developed in-house expertise on money laundering and bribery regulations around the world. We provide our clients with reports that outline the relevant regulatory imperatives of operating in any major jurisdiction in the world, looking both at the theoretical operating environment based on legislation and the actual conditions on the ground.

In addition to providing our clients with timely reference reports, our Madrid-based analysts are also available to advise clients on questions which may arise.

Black Night Viper Advisory Services provides ship, vessel, corporate and private travel operators and insurers with a voyage planning tool known as BNV-AVRA (Black Night Viper Automated Voyage Risk Assessment) that covers some 300 seaways and 5,000 ports all over the world.

Including VTS-AIS Telecom, traffic-transport services.

BNVARA-VTS-AIS is a narrative and numerical tool for measuring threat assessment that is continually updated by our team. The threat scores it supplies to users comply with the three-tier security plan required by the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS).

Black Night Viper Advisory combines access to privileged sources with the expertise and experience of our specialist maritime analysts in Madrid, the Far East and the Northern Africa, to provide clients with real insight into existing and future maritime risks including war and civil unrest, piracy, criminal risk, smuggling and stowaways.

Presented verbally, textually or graphically, our analysis covers threats to supplies, shipping routes, trade patterns and the internal stability of relevant countries.

Black Night Viper Market Entry Consulting

New markets, exports, imports entry consulting services harness all of Black Night Viper Market Advisory’s insight, analysis, security and operational consulting experience to help our clients enter emerging and frontier markets with confidence.

At each stage of the decision-making process, we can help you understand the way a market operates, identify the key players, map the policy and regulatory agenda, find an appropriate partner, help you mitigate political risks and protect your assets.

Black Night Viper Advisory also has specialist due diligence and monitoring services to support corporate anti-bribery policies, and regular reports on the anti money-laundering frameworks in every major jurisdiction.

We have an established track record in helping our clients in the most demanding and opaque countries in the world. Complex markets, sectors, risks from Tripoli to La Paz, Bolivia, to Cuba, Mali to Senegal, our insight and analysis informs decisions and strategies.

Whatever the issues your business faces in frontier and emerging markets, we can help you find the solution you need.

Black Night Viper Business Operational Sectors

We have extensive experience of delivering risk management services across a diverse number of sectors. Our comprehensive advice covers all aspects of the security spectrum – from corporate operations, commercial risk and foreign investment to counter-terrorism and close protection services.

Our experience of operating in more than 60 different countries and has an extensive client list which includes 40 national governments, numerous multi-national corporations and international agencies including the United Nations. We provide all its clients with the support they need to inform their most important security and risk management decisions and works to ensure they have the very best protection for their staff and their investments.

Elite Black Night Viper Security Services Sectors-BNVSS

BNVSS has extensive experience of delivering risk management services across a diverse number of sectors. Our comprehensive advice covers all aspects of the security spectrum – from corporate operations, commercial risk and foreign investment to counter-terrorism and close protection services

BNVSS has experience of operating in more than 60 different countries and has an extensive client list which includes 40 national governments, numerous multi-national corporations and international agencies including the United Nations. BNVSS provides all its clients with the support they need to inform their most important security and risk management decisions and works to ensure they have the very best protection for their staff and their investments.

BNVSS Aerial-Aviation Security Services & Training Programs:

  • - Eagle Eye Law Enforcement/Military Aviation Programs.
  • - Alien Black Night Viper Aviation Programs.
  • - Aviation Pilots Training Programs.
  • - Aviation Engineering Mechanical Training Programs.
  • - Aviation Electronics Training Programs.
  • - Aerial Electronics Systems Training.

Aerospace & Defence

BNVSS provides expert analysis of the opportunities and risks associated with the aerospace and defense industries all over the world, including issues such as political and public sensitivies, individual and governmental relationships, labor and security.

  • - Law Enforcement.
  • - Military Programs.
  • - Special Operations Services Programs.
  • - Logistical Programs.
  • - Procurement programs.
  • - Electronic Warfare.
  • - Cyber Attacks.
  • - Anti-Electronic Pulse Warfare.
  • - Bunker designing and Building.
  • - Anti-Radiation/Magnetic Pulse Protection Telecom & Electronic Operations Technologies.

BNVSS Military / Law Enforcement Overview


BNVSS provides regular advice to a range of financial institutions on the reputation and track records of potential clients and partners. We are also experts on anti-money laundering procedures and measures to combat fraud, as well as having privileged access in cases where due diligence reports are required. Our enviable range of deep sources provides our clients with unique intelligence and enables them to make well-informed decisions.

Food & Beverage

BNVSS provides clients with our “Green Light Services ©” such as investigations into potential partners and clients, market-entry advice and analysis of counterfeit material and the trade of illicit and genuine goods. We also offer training in cultural empathy and the best ways of conducting business legitimately, whether at the beginning of company operations or when clients are well established in their markets and seeking to expand.

We via our sisters corporation has designed, patented the ultimate “Food Production Facility” with and with full military “bunkerized” underground production systems & technologies to offer any client, government or corporate client the option, possibility and security in being able to reach a secure, long term operational base not only for the corporation but also for the employees, families, associates, partners with a long term “humanitarian Life Policy”.

Logistics-Maritime-Terrestrial-Military/Law Enforcement

BNVSS Maritime Security Division has extensive experience of providing integrated security solutions, operational support and strategic advisory services to the global maritime sector.

BNVSS with Technokontrol Engineering, Maritime, Military, Electronics not only offer a great security services but also can “custom make/design/create” any naval, upstream, downstream, coastal protection programs with any government or private corporation offering unique patented designs from river surveillance, logistical operations, Sea basing, Multi-Role operations, Naval-terrestrial-Aviation programs for direct implementation to training programs.


Our clients rely on us for privileged insight into the political and security threats in hotspots around the globe so that they can deal with events that impact upon business, trade and the flow of assets and resources. Our on-the-ground investigations and research enable clients to accurately assess risk and come to a realistic pricing of premiums in exceptional and challenging situations.


BNVSS gives clients unique strategic and political insight into the regional dynamics that shape and reshape our world. We provide regular reports and assessments of countries, leaders, and political and social currents, as well as economic and military threats and the potential for armed conflict or civil unrest.

We have also acquired extensive experience in the protection and security of government and international agency staff in a wide variety of countries and regions with enhanced threats.

Petroleum-Chemical/Oil & Gas Industries

We carry out enhanced due diligence on joint venture partners and agents on the ground in emerging markets, provide close security support and logistical assistance for challenging, in-country environments, and offer expert advice on matters ranging from legal liabilities to contractual and health and safety issues.

We have extensive experience in the Southern Europe, Northern Africa, South Central America and the Middle East and a proven record of sound advice and the provision of security.


With our “Green Light Pathfinder” and support we have assisted telecommunications companies explore and establish themselves in new markets, as well as advised on the setting up of operational and support centers in-country.

We have a proven record in safeguarding clients’ assets, whether through providing close-protection support or evacuation services in areas of high risk.

Environmental Protection Division

BNVSS Environmental Division is an unique service which can be used not only to audit, establish present environmental damage but also recommend our clients the pitfalls in investing in certain sectors as mining, oil exploration-extraction, chemical-mineral processing allowing our client in having a full access to all data in that field and also the government real short-mid-long term environmental strategies.

We at BNVSS Environmental can offer not only “proactive-protection strategies” but also w can offer full “Clean up-Environmental recycling Programs” in which we can not only use the environmental damage as an issue to sole in the present and future moment but we can also “attack” the environmental problem “head-on” creating cleaning programs and most importantly using this waste, damage, disasters to create employment, new products, fuel, power, energy and introducing in that nation or society the environmental awareness to prevent future issues and even to put them in that nations laws and operational regulations.

Our Technokontrol designed and operational Environmental Meteor 4000-Petrol-chemcial Recycling plant to not only destroys, cleans, recycles non-organic as plastic, rubber waste but also oil spills, pipeline leaks, petroleum –chemical damage, etc.

Environmental Recycling Plant for Petrol-Chemicals, Plastics, Rubber, etc.

These are just a few of our Elite Black Night Viper Security Services and we are always at your request for further information or needs 24/7/365.

Elite Black Night Viper Security Services Call Centre 24/7/365 days of the year, each client receives their own unique, exclusive security codes to have immediate access to any or all of Elite Black Night Viper Security Services anywhere , anytime and for any reason at global level.

Black Night Viper Specialist & Advanced Training Services – BNVSS

BNVSS- is a training organization based on providing the most current and up to date operational methods for military, law enforcement and high-level security professionals. BNVSS-offers its services to foreign Governments, military special forces/ operations, corporations and agencies for specialized and advanced training solutions

BNVSS are innovators and know that training techniques are ever-changing; our training courses are under continual development and advancement. We are dedicated to providing the most current up to date and effective training techniques.

BNVSS- distinguishes itself by recruiting highly motivated and professional staff, drawn from various international elite military, Government, law enforcement and commercial organizations. Since our instructors are all operators, we have a rotation of staff depending on current operational contracts and mobile training tasks.

Our staff has a wealth of exceptional worldwide experience and are renowned for dealing with high-risk situations and complex operations:

  • Military Training Programs.
  • Law Enforcement Programs.
  • Medical Emergency Programs.
  • Pilot Training Programs
  • Vessel Captain Training Programs.
  • Sea Basing Intelligence Programs.
  • Terrestrial-Special Operations Training.
  • Engineering /Electronics/Mechanical Designing Programs
Training Packages Overview
  • Hight-Risk Protective Security (PSD)
  • Close Protection (Hostile Environments)
  • Risk Management & Conflict Resolution
  • Advanced Tactical Weapons
  • Hostage Rescue & Negotiations
  • Advanced Close Quarter Combat (CQC)
  • Advanced Small Team Tactics
  • Covert Surveillance Operations
  • Counter Surveillance & Intelligence
  • Sniper/ Counter Sniper Training
  • Maritime Security & Anti Piracy Training
  • Counter Terrorism (CT)
  • Police Special Weapons & Tactics
  • Police Dignitary Protection & Security
  • Police Covert Surveillance & Intellingence
Military Existing Training Courses
  • Advanced Tactical & Foreign Weapons Training Course
  • Military High Risk Close Protection (PSD) Training Course
  • Military Special Operations Close Protection (CP) Hostile Environments Training Course
  • Advanced Surveillance & Intelligence (Special Operations / Forces Course)
Police Exist Training Courses
  • Advanced Police Specialist Firearms & Weapons Familiarization Course
  • Advanced Police Dignitary Security & Witness Protection Training Course
  • Advanced Police Covert Surveillance & Intelligence Gathering Course
  • Advanced Police M4 Carbine Training Course
  • Advance Police Pistol Training Course

Liks to Military/Security Services & Technologies



Current Training roles include:

  • Gathering intelligence behind enemy lines.
  • Destroying targets far behind enemy lines.
  • Protecting senior dignitaries.
  • Training special forces of other nationalities.
  • Performing counter-terrorism operations at home and abroad

Even though each trainee has a designated role (Mobility, Boat, Mountain and Air), each person is expected and trained to know and to execute the roles of the other troops.

Selection and Training of the Elite Black Night Viper Security Force

The Black Night Viper VIP/Protection course must have been obtained to join this "Elite Black Night Viper Security Force " training program.

The “Elite Black Night Viper Security Group" - Special Forces Briefing Course (2 days).

Over a two days, potential candidates are shown what life in "The Elite Black Night Viper Security Group" is like and are briefed on what to expect during selection.

There is a map and compass test, a swimming test, a first aid test and a combat fitness test.

Fitness and navigation (4 weeks)

Week 1
  • The first part of selection is held in the mountains, hill areas in northern, central Spain.
  • Selection starts with the Battle Fitness Test (BFT), a squadded 2.5 km run in 15 minutes.
  • The same distance run individually in under 10.5 minutes.
Week 2

The first week mostly consists of runs in the neighborhood, up and down hills with a small load in the bergen.

  • Lessons in navigation and map reading are included.
  • Navigation runs in small groups in woodland, hills, mountains areas and night tabs follow shortly.
Week 3
  • The load in the bergen gets heavier and a (non-active) rifle with no slings has to be carried.
  • Trainee must have to keep the rifle in their hands as they climb up the slopes and jog down again.
  • Navigation is solo from grid reference to other points on the map. At each rendezvous (RV) point, the soldiers have to indicate where they are before the next grid reference is given.
Week 4 -The "Brain Buster" is the final test.
  • Fitness examination 42-45 km over the mountains in between 20 and 24 hours depending on the weather.
Week 5-6
  • Continuation training (2 weeks) - Spain
  • Swimming course.
  • Diving course.
  • Martial arts.
  • Language classes.
  • Geo-Political courses.
  • Driving course.

This consists of detailed and realistic training in weapons handling, demolitions and small patrol tactics.

Week 7
  • Parachute Training. (1 week)-Spain

Those who are not already parachute qualified are also trained in this skill.

Week 8 - Eagle Eye Pilot Training Course.
  • ULM/ Aerial Pilot & Aerial Surveillance Course (20 hours with amphibious aircraft training as a pilot).


On completion of "Elite Black Night Viper Member" parachute training, pilots are awarded "EBNV" license and insignia.

Passing selection

After passing selection, trainees become members of the "Elite Black Night Viper Security Special Forces Member".

Officer Course/Instructor/Employee Course

Week 9-10- Jungle training (2 weeks)-South America/Paraguay.
  • Trainees are divided into patrols of four and are watched over day and night by Directing Staff (DS).
  • Trainees must stand-to for one hour at dawn and one hour at dusk every day without fail and must also keep their knife with them at all times.
  • After lessons in navigation through dense jungle, boat handling, camp building and jungle contact drills there is a final test, where all things that have been learned must be applied correctly.
  • Soldiers will learn to live, fight and survive in the jungle.
Week 11-12 Combat survival (2 weeks)-Spain
  • Two weeks of training in survival skills, living off the land and using escape and evasion (E & E) tactics.
  • Lessons and lectures in interrogation techniques from people who have been Prisoners of War (POWs).
  • Mental testing especially for trainee common phobias are exploited.
Week 13- Arms Courses (1 Week) USA/Spain.
  • Training at fire ranges.
  • Use of all types of arms form pistols to heavy armament.
  • Basic Sniper course.
Week 14- Desert training (1 Week)-Northern Africa.
  • One week of training in survival skills, living off the land and using escape and evasion (E & E) tactics.
  • Specialist training. Includes:
    • First Aid, to a fairly high level, with stints in busy hospitals, including a week in a mortuary
    • Signals
    • HALO (High Altitude, Low Opening) parachuting technique
    • HAHO (High Altitude, High Opening) parachuting technique
    • Sniping - all trainees snipers complete basic sniper courses
    • Languages. Basic Arabic, Mother language alternative (Spanish/English)
    • Vehicle Operating Skills - off-road, for cross-country insertion and patrolling, and also on-road evasive driving as part of the close protection role
    • CRW Training
    • Explosive Method of Entry (EMOE)
    • VIP protection (body-guarding, or close protection)


On completion of "Elite Black Night Viper Course" the trainee (he/she) will be able to join the "Black Night Viper Elite Force" as an "Officer" as an such will become an employee during at least two years full time employment if requested by the trainee.


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TechnoKontrol Products are ATEX Compliant
(European Antiexplosive Safety Directives)

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