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Black Night Viper
Predator Cover/Textile

TechnoKontrol Military Anti-Thermal Radiation Blankets



Technokontrol Research & Development Team is in its final stages of testing of our new Military Anti-Thermal Radiation Blanket.

This technology is based on the principles of the "fire blanket" in which is used for the protection against all types of fires and is more and more used in homes and  by emergency and fire services around the world. The uses of these blankets have been also adapted to many types of different industries in which H&S are paramount and that all safety  directives must follow or surpass all Health and Safety Guidelines including the US NFPA guidelines which are the highest standard guidelines for global fire, explosion protection and fire prevention.

Due to using our special alloys technology we have been able to introduce our specialist alloys into a specially designed doubled protected textile blanket in which the thermal radiation is extremely reduced or even completely nullified to which any thermal heating vision system can´t pick up the thermal radiation from covering military vehicles or the complete physical covering over special forces or personnel in night or in day operations.

Viper Anti Thermal Blanket

Thermal radiation is extremely reduced or even completely nullified

Anti-Terrorism Advantage For Special Military use or Law Enforcement

When hunting for terrorists, seeing them before they see you is a must and knowing that they can´t see you with any technology will be a great tactical advantage.

Regular night-vision goggles and thermal heat seekers area great asset for any armed forces but due to the easy purchase of all of these new and advanced technologies by even the "enemy" the advantage won´t be complete until one can not only see, hear, feel the "enemy" but also be totally assured that they can´t see or feel where you are. This is why the TechnoKontrol Research & development department began the designing our new revolutionary technical solution: "The Ultimate Cloak & Dagger Project"- The Black Night Viper Programme.

The human eye sees light with a wavelength between 400 and 700 nanometres, while a night-vision device may see up to around 900, closing in on the infrared range. The new thermal cameras can amplify up the war fighter’s vision to a whole different spectrum and quality of vision and of thermal activity.

These new technologies are based on long-wave infrared technology allows a warfighter to "see" even in pitch-black or no light conditions. By using an 8- through 10-micron range, it can give the user "sight" in spite of smoke, foliage, fog, rain and other adverse conditions where standard devices provide only limited capability.

Viper Anti Thermal Blanket

While basic camouflage can defeat ordinary night-vision devices, it can't fool these new thermal cameras ability to detect thermal sources. It can even identify whether a vehicle or a room has been recently occupied by "seeing" residual heat signatures. Arguably even cooler, it can spot hand and footprints invisible to the naked eye. However with our "Black Night Viper Blanket" this completely changes the face of the battlefield as these present and advanced technologies visual & heat seeking technologies will be rendered again as secondary due to our new technological advances in our "Cloak & Dagger Programme"

This new ability of thermal heating equipment to read temperature differences means it can also recognize recent ground disturbances indicating that an IED may have been planted and hidden.

At night, thermal signals can still swamp a camera making it difficult to work out a target or a threat. In urban environments, heat will radiate off of buildings; in the jungle heat can radiate off of plants; and even in the desert, while it may be sweltering in the day and freezing at night, heat will still radiate off the ground, plants and cacti. 

The very cool outline mode literally outlines thermal objects, meaning warfighters can use their laser targeting systems without their laser signal getting lost. It would be handy in both day and night.

Again, all of these present and future advances will be rendered secondary due to Technokontrol being able to not only protect and cover personnel from anti-thermal radiation emitting emissions but also vehicles, engines, motors, chimneys, planes, boats, housing, military bases or electronic telecommunication centers by means of blankets or large size coverings for different uses.

Even though all the above mentioned advances are a great technological advantage having the complete package of "real on the ground stealth" will be the only future and having our TK-Anti-Thermal Blanket/Coverings for all types of personnel, items, engines, buildings will be a must for future special operations forces, night surveillance and observation posts and not only is it paramout to "see your enemy but not to be seen" as we all know in the great technological and financial investments in "submarine and aviation hi-tech stealth programms" where these advances gives the attacking forces the ultimate "upper hand" in any kind of military or law enforcement scenario and especially in any type of battlefield from the mountains of Afghanistan to the Drug enforcement units in a jungle DEA war in South America or even anti-terrorist surveillance in desert areas in the Middle East for long periods of time surveillance or covert operations.

Viper Anti Thermal Blanket

Special Operations night attack 


Special operations of any army as for example the S.A.S, S.B.S, Rangers, Special Ops these specialist troops which are normally behind enemy lines and in strategic observation positions need to be non-detectable at all times but they are normally or can be easily detected by their body-heat or thermal emissions from their armament or transport. Any defending force especially at night will use the available thermal detection technology to search for these military intrusions and will protect and defend their nation, region or own forces will all the possible technological assets as thermal or night vision systems combined with contra-offensive armament.

Viper Anti Thermal Blanket

Having intruders or enemy forces behind your lines may not be a direct threat at a physical military attack scale but is and will be the base to recollect intelligence for the preparation and final use of this data to arrange-locate an military strike attack using radar, laser or GPS guiding systems and technologies to locate and request " pin point” missile, artillery or aero-attacks against the enemy.

Even though the TK-Anti Thermal Radiation Blanket/Coverings will avoid thermal radiation including protecting fire/heat of up to and over 1000º which will reduce heat exposure in extreme hot environments as in deserts it won´t be able to hide the troops physical movements under day or night vision technology thus being able to been seen visually with night vision technology-
However, our TK-Blanket has also been designed to have camouflage netting from jungle or desert colouring and textile textures to cover completely the whole body of the soldier and his armament or supplies as long as its blends into background environment. With little as possible physical movement which can´t be observed with the present night vision apparatus available in the military and having no thermal emissions combined with static camouflage coverings the enemy will find it extremely difficult to locate any penetration in their zones or patrol sectors even behind established enemy lines.

TechnoKontrol Military Anti-Thermal Radiation Blankets are available for:

Special operations to cover human bodies in battlefields scenarios or surveillance/ observation positions including covering military vehicles as tanks and others.

TK-Global Engineering will be able to manufacture our TK-ATHHDB blanket in three main sizes:
  • Individual-Man size blanket for individual troops
  • Transport-Vehicle size blankets to cover individual vehicles as tanks, aeroplanes, patrol boats, etc.
  • Buildings-Large tent size covering blankets to cover complete areas or sectors
Viper Anti Thermal Blanket
TechnoKontrol Military Anti-Thermal Radiation Blankets are available for:
  • Special operations to cover human bodies in battlefields scenarios or surveillance/ observation positions including covering military vehicles as tanks and others.
TK-Global Engineering will be able to manufacture our TK-ATHHDB blanket in three main sizes:
  • Individual-Man size blanket for individual troops.
  • Transport-Vehicle size blankets to cover individual vehicles as tanks, aeroplanes, patrol boats, etc.
  • Buildings-Large tent size covering blankets to cover complete areas or sectors
Viper Anti Thermal Blanket

TK-ATHHDB Blankets large coverings to cover thermal emitting supplies or electronic equipment.

TK-ATHHDB Blankets and covers for all types of underground bunkers or supplies units with thermal radiation emissions.

TK-ATHHDB Blankets to cover mobile fuel dumps and pumping stations.

TK-ATHHDB Blankets to cover sections of emergency Airfields, maintenance camps or bases.

Viper Anti Thermal Blanket

TK-ATHHDB Blankets to cover all types of motor vehicles and generators.

TK-ATHHDB Blankets to cover areas or sections ports or harbours mechanical, refuelling, areas.

TK-ATHHDB Blankets and covers to cover power plants, electric of fuel based energy plants.

TK-ATHHDB Blankets to cover transport motors exhaust & chimney systems.

TK-ATHHDB Blankets to cover military or civilian housing mobile or fixed.

TK-ATHHDB Blankets to cover storage depots, industrial heating systems.

Viper Anti Thermal Blanket

TK-ATHHDB Blankets to cover HQ, LZ, EMLZ, communications centres, radar units, etc.


  • Extremely light weight.
  • Re-usable.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Simple packing
  • Cost effective
  • Adaptable to many uses and interchangeable depending on uses.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Fire proof-
  • (Bullet Proof Level III Protection textiles-Optional).
  • Heat-thermal proof
  • Colour coding
  • Textile adaptations for exclusive camouflage.
Viper Anti Thermal Blanket Viper Anti Thermal Blanket

Technokontrol Certificates & Associations

Technokontrol Manufactures, Designs & Researches our safety products in the European Union at the highest possible International Accident,Health & Safety standards.

TechnoKontrol is a member of the NFPA

TechnoKontrol Products are ATEX Compliant
(European Antiexplosive Safety Directives)

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TechnoKontrol is a member of the NFPA

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